Up on Syfy: Does Being a Slytherin Make Me a Bad Person?

Some moments aren't our proudest ones; as a 35-year-old mother of two, I found myself getting altogether too huffy at the online quiz results of a young adult novel website. But instead of brushing away the immaturity, I decided it was more hilarious, and potentially enlightening, to see why this online quiz was making me … Continue reading Up on Syfy: Does Being a Slytherin Make Me a Bad Person?

The Colorado Weekender

Great citizens of the Queen City of the Plains: I’ve been commissioned by a New York publisher, Countryman Press (a division of W.W. Norton), to write a guide to Colorado weekend getaways, expected to come out in Spring of 2020. They want a quick guide packed with opinionated, insider tidbits on the best places to go … Continue reading The Colorado Weekender

Glory Guitars: Memoirs of a Teen Degenerate

From the memoirs of a teenage degenerate: CHAPTER 2: BATHROOM GRAFFITI BEAU Soundtrack: “London Dungeon” by the Misfits If you’re the wrong kind of guy, the best kind of marketing to attract the bad kind of girl is having your name scrawled in bathroom graffiti. When I was 16, Tana, Dar and I went to … Continue reading Glory Guitars: Memoirs of a Teen Degenerate

Tintabula, a bedtime novel

Silence is a sounding thing, to one who listens hungrily. ~Gwendolyn Bennett Tintabula is a story of sensory delight and overstimulation, exploring the moment when rapture turns to derangement. A modern Alice in Wonderland for the neurodivergent set, the novel follows a young woman with Sensory Processing Disorder on her odyssey through the dream world, navigating the twists and … Continue reading Tintabula, a bedtime novel