“Bathroom Graffiti Beau” in Suspect Press

I love how Suspect Press is supporting the underground literary scene in Denver, and it made sense for my edgier work, a very visceral excerpt from Glory Guitars, to debut there. I was thrilled to be featured alongside Mar Williams, Charly Fasano, Merhia Wiese, Sarah Gilstrap and other bad-asses. I was also thrilled at the … Continue reading “Bathroom Graffiti Beau” in Suspect Press

Tintabula, a bedtime novel

Silence is a sounding thing, to one who listens hungrily. ~Gwendolyn Bennett Tintabula is a story of sensory delight and overstimulation, exploring the moment when rapture turns to derangement. A modern Alice in Wonderland for the neurodivergent set, the novel follows a young woman with Sensory Processing Disorder on her odyssey through the dream world, navigating the twists and … Continue reading Tintabula, a bedtime novel