“Bathroom Graffiti Beau” in Suspect Press

I love how Suspect Press is supporting the underground literary scene in Denver, and it made sense for my edgier work, a very visceral excerpt from Glory Guitars, to debut there. I was thrilled to be featured alongside Mar Williams, Charly Fasano, Merhia Wiese, Sarah Gilstrap and other bad-asses. I was also thrilled at the illustration Lonnie M.F. Allen did for my excerpt (above), because I’ve never had my writing illustrated before! It was exciting to see my lucky swan all arted up.

Bathroom Graffiti Beau is a story about the dangerous, strange, superstitious nature of the teenage decision-making process. In the book, it’s interspersed with a lot of thoughts on the Misfits, dark Denver and a horrific scene I call “the Meat Handshake.” Also featured: too much sex for me to be comfortable with sharing, but shared all the same.

Bathroom Graffiti Beau

Glory Guitars: Memoirs of a Teen Degenerate by Gogo Germaine* will be sent out to publishers this week or next, so wish it luck!

*Yes, I wrote it under a pen name.

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