A little story about my son’s love affair with a dead kitten

The Black Monarch Hotel recently posted my son Harry's depiction of Forever Kitty: a dead kitten preserved in glass like a macabre snow globe. Here's how he fell in love with the lifeless feline. First, a little cultural context for the horrified grandparents in the room. Modern children's books and TV shows have exhibited a … Continue reading A little story about my son’s love affair with a dead kitten

Book Launch + Westword!

On release day for Easy Weekend Getaways from Denver and Boulder, Westword effortlessly captured the essence of my love letter to Colorado and all its strange and beautiful places. Patty Calhoun interviewed me about the messy business of travel writing, as well as my travel book's interesting- and poignantly-timed release in the midst of a … Continue reading Book Launch + Westword!

The Colorado Weekender

Great citizens of the Queen City of the Plains: I’ve been commissioned by a New York publisher, Countryman Press (a division of W.W. Norton), to write a guide to Colorado weekend getaways, expected to come out in Spring of 2020. They want a quick guide packed with opinionated, insider tidbits on the best places to go … Continue reading The Colorado Weekender