Glory Guitars: Memoir of a ’90s Teenage PUNK ROCK GRRRl by Gogo Germaine

Sneaking out. Jail tats. Hand jobs. Gogo Germaine and gang created an adolescent infrastructure of immorality in Fort Collins’ punk scene in the ‘90s. The scene’s wastoid punks and sexual nihilism provide a lens to explore the more complex nuances of rape culture. It’s this dichotomy that Glory Guitars straddles like a live rocket: joyful, explosive, visceral, manic and gut-punchingly heartbreaking. Glory Guitars has been excerpted in Suspect Press and will be published by University of Hell in Spring of 2022.

EASY Weekend Getaways from Denver AND BOULDER

A travel book that mines the Gold Rush madness of Colorado. From craft beer tours to romantic forays to cannabis getaways, readers can uncover Colorado’s unique, scenic, and intriguing destinations–one weekend at a time. Published by the W.W. Norton imprint Countryman Press May 19th, 2020. Order now from Barnes & Noble, Bookshop, or find your nearest indie bookstore that offers it via IndieBound (like Tattered Cover – Lodo & Colfax – or BookBar!).

Tintabula, a Bedtime Novel

Silence is a sounding thing, to one who listens hungrily. ~Gwendolyn Bennett

Tintabula is a story of sensory delight and overstimulation, exploring the moment when rapture turns to derangement. A modern Alice in Wonderland for the neurodivergent set, this speculative fiction follows Very St. Clair, a young woman with Sensory Processing Disorder, on an odyssey through a dream world where her real-life weakness is a strength. There, she navigates the twists and turns of consciousness, interoception and the psychic landscape. Seeking a publishing home with Nat Kimber from the Rights Factory.


Indie as fuck–how an unconventional club night became America’s longest-running underground dance party

When Tyler Jacobson and Michael Trundle first met, they spent hours exalting music and ridiculing the world around them. It made sense that they would become DJs and that their first project together, Lipgloss, was a vibrant misfit in the Denver club scene. This effervescent dance party, brimming with glittery scene girls and skinny waif boys and trans women and a rainbow of humanity, was a hip-shaking success. Over twenty years, the underground party became the unofficial welcome to Denver’s counterculture. But just as Lipgloss rose to success, the turmoil began behind the scenes. Lipgloss’s story is about how the dance night transformed Denver culture, and all the mini-stories bubbling up from the stage to the dance floor to the bar and even in the bathroom. It’s also a story about the complex relationship between the artists behind the turntables. It’s a story about music as a way to be heard, a way to be loved, a way to consecrate our individuality, a way to worship in a godless world.


Good stories for bad people

Cramped! is a book that celebrates the grimy, gruesome glory of The Cramps. In its pages will be found fiction, nonfiction, poetry, comics, and artwork that centers in some way on the music and myth of the legendary punk band founded by singer Lux Interior and guitarist Poison Ivy. From their formation in 1976 until their demise in 2009, caused by the untimely death of Interior, The Cramps purveyed garage rock, psychobilly, and horror punk, elevating campy transgression and primitive noise to the level of high art. Cramped! will give fans of the band a place to exhume and exalt — in words and pictures — one of the most singular musical outfits of all time.

Cramped! will be edited and curated by Erin Barnes, published by Birdy Magazine, and designed by Juliana Beckert. Cover art by Michael Dee.