The Colorado Weekender

Great citizens of the Queen City of the Plains: I’ve been commissioned by a New York publisher, Countryman Press (a division of W.W. Norton), to write a guide to Colorado weekend getaways, expected to come out in Spring of 2020. They want a quick guide packed with opinionated, insider tidbits on the best places to go in Colorado that are a quick jaunt from Denver. Since I’m a Colorado native who wants to travel, and I can be pretty opinionated when I want to be, I think I’m uniquely qualified for the task. I’ll be writing and traveling over the next few seasons, so come along with me!

Thank you to Countryman for this opportunity to travel and explore my home state even further. Most of all, thank you to my smart, sophisticated and inimitable agent, Nat Kimber at the Rights Factory, for making this happen.

I also have my finished novel, Tintabula, which Nat’s going to start pitching to publishers, and two partial memoirs under my belt. Stay tuned. And please please please inundate me with your favorite Colorado adventures, hikes, restaurants, boozy stopovers, hot springs, castles, places to do goat yoga and you get the picture (like, right now. Comment below!) #babysfirstbookdeal

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