Glory Guitars: Memoir of a `90s Teenage Punk Rock Grrrl to be released by University of Hell

Today is the day to announce my book deal with UNIVERSITY OF HELL!

I’m really proud of the announcement video. It was filmed at an undisclosed location in Denver where two very kind souls allowed me to smash things on their property, in a swimsuit, in the cold and snow. We learned the hard way that you do NOT want to use a metal bat to try to smash televisions. The force of your swing, faced with the impenetrable screen, just travels back up your hand in a bone-crushing vibration. My sister-in-law Gisele nearly broke her hand; it’s now totally bruised. I naively thought old-ass televisions would be easier to smash. No, you bring a metal pole and stab the television, or of course, a sledgehammer. I smashed four televisions the second day of filming, and it felt really good.

My agent Nat Kimber has been the most supportive person I could ever dream of. This book deal has taken hours of time on the phone like every other day. She’s gotten super angry on my behalf when people messed things up – like in the official book deal announcement, the organization edited the “K” out of my name. (But for real, who are they to decide how I write my name? I like my middle initial). Nat really cares about her clients, and she is in publishing as her soul’s work, not to make money. I think that’s both admirable and wise.

Her partner Jeremy of took my punk video footage and made it professionally cool. I can’t believe how much smashier it got with his strategic editing of the sound.

My new publisher/editor is cool as fuck, a brilliant writer, and in doing business with him, it’s clear he is in publishing for the right reasons: “to dent the world with words, one incendiary book at a time.”

My sister-in-law Gisele, a talented photographer, shivered in the cold drinking whiskey with me and almost broke her hand for me. I brought her for the photography aspect, but also because she is my wild spirit animal, and I felt like I would smash more televisions with her there.

My new friends who own the film location hosted me for three days, fed me chips and salsa and tacos, took great photos and film, gave me a warm shower after I poured shook-up forties of Mickey’s all over myself, helped me clean everything up, and asked for nothing in return. 

My friend Edward met me beforehand with a nice goodie bag, provided me with emotional support, and helped me day drink a little to get loosened up to SMASH things.

Sid Pink didn’t end up making it to the shoot because he was filming his own music video (which I’m in!), but he scoured the city to ask for filming locations and provided a lot of creative support.

I’m so grateful for the kindness of others in days that would maybe otherwise be dark.

Thank you for your support.


Gogo Germaine

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