Grasslands Content Agency

It was wild to watch my good friend Ricardo Baca become the nation’s first Marijuana Editor at The Denver Post, a move which was initially met with excitement, skepticism and plenty of stoner jokes. He went on the national TV circuit, appearing on The Colbert Report and The View, assuring them all that he was taking his new position seriously. It was a big moment: potentially the greatest policy change we’d ever see in our lifetimes, not to mention the ability to research marijuana’s potentially life-changing medical uses. Rolling Papers documented the pivotal moment of the first U.S. state legalizing recreational marijuana, all through the lens of his perspective. (It’s a great film, you should watch it).

Just a few years later and Ricardo is giving TEDx talks and is considered by Fortune to be one of the most powerful people in cannabis. It’s no surprise that when Ricardo Baca starts an agency, it’s going to be the best.

I’ve had the privilege of working with Grasslands for ten months now, first running their social media, and now writing newsletters for clients. I’ve never learned more (thanks to Aleta’s editorial oversight, Chloe’s organizational super powers and Shawna’s industry knowledge). I love the photo above, even though it was taken before so many of our beloved crew came on, because we all have a hilariously intense expression on our faces. If you’re interested in working with a stellar team who can tell your story in a compelling way, reach out. We work with cannabis and beyond.

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