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Erin K. Barnes is a writer living in Denver with her Velvet Elvis painting, husband, 20,000 vintage dresses, daughter, son, champagne flutes she never uses, twenty packages of backup coffee, and a really old dog, in no particular order.

She is not awkward at all.

The most “normal” of her gigs is being the Burrito Fairy for Illegal Pete’s Starving Artists program. It all gets weirder from there. She currently has a psychedelic novel under her belt, Tintabula, which is now seeking a home via her amazing NYC agent, Nat Kimber at the Rights Factory; plus two memoirs in the works (adolescence and parenthood) and a book on Colorado. Her favorite copywriting client is literally a haunted hotel. To contact Erin to offer her an amazing residency, for a copywriting gig, to host a synesthesia listening party or lead a creative workshop, check out the Contact Page.